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2013 and 2014 winner of Mum’s guide to Harpenden award for Best Activity Class for School-age Children

HCTG is run by Jonas Hurst. The Hurst Children’s Theatre Group (HCTG) was actually established over 65 years ago in London by his Grandmother. It has always been a family-run group which is what makes it different. His Father, Mike Hurst, took the group to Henley where it still flourishes today. Each of his 3 sisters run their own versions of HCTG in Buckinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Oxfordshire. Jonas’s classes are run in Harpenden, St Albans and Berkhamsted.

We’ve been running classes in Harpenden for 10 years now and have over 500 children across all of our classes.

It’s a fun group of local children practising the art of “theatre”, producing 2 productions per year -ideal for children who need help with their confidence and equally good for children with loads of it -an outlet for them to ‘perform’.

It’s not a pushy, strictly-structured club; the emphasis is on having fun. No audition is necessary, it is for anyone interested, all we ask is for enthusiasm!

Jonas’s Mission Statement: I always strive to make sure every session, every week is fun -that is where our emphasis is. However, I also believe passionately that Drama -particularly ‘Performing’ is hugely important and beneficial to all children’s development. I feel strongly that as children learn how to ‘perform’ on stage and subsequently gain in confidence and learn from those experiences (whilst having fun!), they will leave better equipped to succeed in whatever they choose to do later in life, at work and socially. And of course have memories to hopefully savour for the rest of their lives.

Wow … yet another blockbuster production!

She absolutely loves your drama classes, the friends she’s made and she’s always on a complete high during show week….

You and your team do an amazing job and I can clearly see that being part of your courses and production has given the children more confidence and invaluable life skills

The videos below give a pretty good idea of what we do…….


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