Hurst Childrens Theatre Group

Question: Do we offer LAMDA lessons/exams? (a question we often get asked)

Answer: YES WE DO!!

We have always provided private lessons/tuition for individuals working towards exams or interviews. With great success. Entry to TRING school of Performing Arts, Auditions for Major MOVIES, succesful Scholarship auditions for Schools, Preparation for interviews etc. 

And, since January 2018, we offer the same, plus more, under the umbrella of ‘LAMDA’.

4 terms in and our students’ exams had a 100% pass rate both terms, all of which came with Merits or Distinctions.


Lamda has replaced elocution examinations of the past, to a practical communication and performance assessment, providing learners with the skills and the confidence to help to succeed in life.

LAMDA can be taught in individual lessons or smalL groups (Public speaking, Verse and Prose, Musical Theatre). So you can do it alone, with a friend or in a group.

We know how vital confident communication and speaking skills are for our children’s future success. Almost every career requires the ability to engage effectively and communicate with others, and I believe LAMDA provides the skills which will positively affect the personal, social and academic development of our children.

Many children might enjoy Drama lessons in a smaller environment, taking examinations when they are ready which would give them a qualification and UCAS points at the higher levels. Or maybe the Public Speaking exams would be of interest to other children, enabling the children to communicate and speak to an audience with confidence.


There are many different examinations which can be taken from;


Musical Theatre – Develop skills in acting through song

Communication – Public Speaking, Verse and Prose. Develop a clear speaking voice, good body language and self-confidence through exploring spoken English.

Performance – Acting, Musical Theatre 

Lessons can be taken in small groups of 4-5. 

Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

Lessons on Monday evenings in Harpenden during school term time and also on Saturdays.

The class style is informal, relaxed and fun. Sessions are varied and exciting, inspiring the children to discover the power of the spoken word. The aim is to develop a sense of personal achievement and self belief which enables children to gain in confidence as speakers and performers.

Suggested term length is 12 weeks, often ending in a Lamda exam/grade.

Lamda is a natural fit for us. Firstly we specialize in Musical Theatre and Performance. This is what we’ve been doing for nearly 15 yrs. Secondly, with an extensive background in Journalism, TV Presenting and running PRESENTERS INC in London for over 10 yrs, we are also experts in Communication, ‘presenting’ and performance.

Previous clients include:

Theo Paphitis (Dragon’s Den)

Gemma Kidd (Supermodel)

Jermaine Jenas (PremierLeague Footballer, Match of the Day)



And many local children!!


MONDAYS and SATURDAYS in Harpenden. We can run classes in peoples homes but we also have access to a Hall if necessary.

Time-slots available between 6-8pm on Mondays and afternoons on Saturdays.

Recommended for children from age 7 to ….. the sky’s the limit!

You choose which syllabus and we will selct the appropriate grade/level. We’re happy to talk you through this and/or send you info. We recommend the following options…….


Option A

COMMUNICATION (Entry level to Grade 8)

Choose ‘Speaking Verse and Prose’ or ‘Public Speaking’


Option B

PERFORMANCE (Entry level to Grade 8)



Option C

MUSICAL THEATRE (Entry level to Grade 8) 


£15 plus VAT per person, per session, for a small group (45 mins). 


SEPT- DEC (not during October Half Term). Exam day: June 15th in Redbourn Village Hall.


We will let you know when we think you’re ready for the exams. In most cases this will be roughly every 6 months or towards the end of each 12 week term.

Exams are run across the Country. Sometimes you need to go to Lamda HQ in London but sometimes we can get an examiner to come to us. We are not part of the exam process. We just prepare you for them. Lamda charge a fee for the exam which you need to pay nearer the time or on the day.



Please get in touch by emailing hctg@live.co.uk and letting us know you’re interested. Let us know which area/subject you’re most interested in and your availability on Monday evenings. Saturdays might also be possible. We will try and put small groups together, made up of children wanting to do the same subject at the same level.