Hurst Childrens Theatre Group

Dates for this term: 


Class names: Class A (4pm), Class B (5pm) and Class C (6pm)

Sept 7th- Jan 11th (St Michael’s Memorial Hall on Branch Rd)

Dress Rehearsal: Jan 11th in the St Michaels Memorial Hall

Production: Sunday Jan 14th at 12pm

Sessions are on every week EXCEPT: Oct 26th,  Dec 21st, 28th

Total = £158.50 plus VAT 





Please note a termly fee is required upfront for all our classes to guarantee your space or spaces in our classes. Due to high demand this is necessary. Please pay as per the intructions on the invoice (Cash is also possible). In the event of any problems/changes of circumstances etc within the first 2 sessions, we can reimburse for what’s left of the term, once your place is filled from the waiting list. This isn’t usually a problem.

* Breakdown of Fees:
£8.15 per week/session (including Dress Rehearsal and Performance)
£16 charge for show costs (costumes, make-up etc)
£4 admin