Tickets for 'SNOW WHITE' are now on sale!

You need to use the Theatre Box Office to book tickets, links below.

Snow white in the ABBEY THEATRE

Tel: 01727 857861

Show 1 January 13th
Saturday 2.30pm
Cast: MINT classes (Friday’s with Irene)

Show 2 January 13th
Saturday 7.15pm
Cast: WEDNESDAY classes (with Jonas)

Show 3 January 14th
Sunday 12.30pm
Cast: STRAWBERRY classes and MINT class C (Saturday with India and Friday 6.00 – 7.00pm with Irene)

Show 4 January 14th
Sunday 6pm
Cast: THURSDAY classes (with India)

Snow white in the EMC

Snow White – HURST Children’s Theatre Group – The Eric Morecambe Centre (

Tel: 01582 767525

Show 1 January 25th
Thursday 5pm
Cast: SATURDAY morning Classes (with Jonas)

Show 2 January 26th
Friday 7pm
Cast: MONDAY classes (with Jonas)

Show 3 January 27th
Saturday 1pm
Cast: SATURDAY afternoon classes (with Jonas)

Show 4 January 27th
Saturday 7pm
Cast: CHOCOLATE and SATURDAY morning class D (Monday with Amelie and Saturday 12 – 1.00pm with Jonas)

Show 5 January 28th
Sunday 12pm
Cast: FRIDAY classes (with Jonas)

Show 6 January 28th
Sunday 6pm
Cast: TUESDAY classes (with India)


*We have no control over this, so please direct any queries to them. HCTG also won’t get any email notifications of your order, so please ask their box office if you have any problems or questions.
*Please make sure you book for the right Theatre, as some classes perform in the Abbey Theatre, some in the EMC. We have listed which class is in which show (above).
*For the avoidance of any doubt, concessions are for ages 60+ and children are under 16’s.
*The venues may add a booking fee and may ask you to create a login
*Any special requests such as wheelchair access etc should be sent to them.
*You can add further bookings later on (although you may not get seats next to your original booking).