Hurst Childrens Theatre Group

HCTG is run by Jonas Hurst. The Hurst Children’s Theatre Group (HCTG) was actually established over 65 years ago in London by his Grandmother. It has always been a family-run group which is what makes it different. His Father, Mike Hurst (one of the Springfields and a well known record producer), took the Theatre Group to Henley where it still flourishes today. Each of his 3 sisters run their own versions of HCTG in Buckinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Oxfordshire. Jonas’s classes are run in Harpenden, St Albans and Berkhamsted.

JONAS is a qualified teacher and professional musician. He runs TV company ‘Presenters Inc’ and spent 10 years as a TV Presenter. He has 2 gold records as a singer (one for the movie Absolute Beginners with David Bowie) and has sung professionally around the World.
HCTG has been running classes in Harpenden for over 13 years now and we have over 500 children across all of our classes.
It’s a fun group for local children practising the art of “theatre”, producing 2 productions per year -ideal for children who need help with their confidence and equally good for children with loads of it -an outlet for them to ‘perform’.
It’s not a pushy or formal club; the emphasis is on having fun!

Jonas’s Mission Statement: I always strive to make sure every session, every week is fun -that is where our emphasis is. However, I also believe passionately that Drama -particularly ‘Performing’ is hugely important and beneficial to all children’s development. I feel strongly that as children learn how to ‘perform’ on stage and subsequently gain in confidence and learn from those experiences (whilst having fun!), they will leave better equipped to succeed in whatever they choose to do later in life, at work and socially. And of course have memories to hopefully savour for the rest of their lives.

RUTH is married to Jonas and married to HCTG. She co-ordinates all of the cast and helpers at their shows and makes all of the costumes!

GRACE is the choreographer for our productions and runs several of our classes, including our Streetdance classes. She is very experienced, has a lovely way with the children and a brilliant performer herself. A major part of the whole HCTG experience.

LAUREN is our LAMDA teacher.  She runs our Lamda classes on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Very experienced. 100% pass rate.

Does a fantastic job preparing them for their exams/grades.

CLAIRE is our new administrator.  Any questions – ask Claire.  She knows ALL the answers!

Jonas, Ruth, Lauren, Grace and their regular helpers are all DBS checked and fully insured.


The starting age is 3, rising in different aged groups to approximately 16. There is a maximum of 20 in each class. The 1 hour, weekly classes are suitable for boys and girls, and contain a mix of singing, dancing and drama. There are 2 productions per year in a local Theatre. The children get a real buzz from performing on a real stage, with lights, sound etc.

The songs tend to be good old musical tunes from yesteryear, and the dances are NOT girly – they will have elements of ballet, tap and streetdance.

Acting is encouraged through drama games and exercises where they will all be developing various skills along the way, including voice work, working in a group, imitation etc. The most important thing through all of this, is the environment in which children learn. It must be fun for them, or there is no point in what we do.