FUture Dates

Each class takes part in 1 or 2 performances twice a year – in our Pantomime and Summer Show.  Dates for the current term can be found on the “Classes” page.  Future dates are shown below….

future dates are shown below

Production 1  Classes

Summer 2021 : 3 – 11th July in Eric Morecambe Theatre, Harpenden


Pantomime 2022 : 16 – 23rd January in Eric Morecambe Theatre, Harpenden

Production 2 classes

(Wednesday and Thursday classes)

Summer 2021 : June 23rd and 24th TBC 

Pantomime 2022 : TBA

Showcase Classes

(Mint, Chocolate, Strawberry and Streetdance)


Summer 2021 : June 20th TBC

Pantomime 2022 : TBA